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Photo of Gastón Langlois

Gastón Langlois

Executive Chef, Algodon Wine Estates

Mr. Langlois has served as Algodon Wine Estates’ Executive Chef since 2007, after moving to Mendoza “in search of the wine terroir”.  His past experience includes working as chef instructor of the Instituto de Gastronomía de Mendoza.  Mr. Langlois has also served in distinguished hotels and restaurants in Buenos Aires including the Four Seasons and La Bourgogne at the Alvear Palace Hotel.  The privilege of working by the side of eminent chefs has allowed Mr. Langlois to perfect traditional cooking techniques, and apply them to a modern Argentine-French signature cuisine.  Mr. Langlois has received training and attended special seminars to complete his education in Argentine regional cuisine, French cuisine, Haute gourmet cuisine and human resources in gastronomy.  He graduated from the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía, Buenos Aires, with a degree as a Culinary Professional.