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Source: Forbes
By: Karsten Strauss

When it comes to setting up a business, two of the biggest expenses companies and entrepreneurs have to cover are employees and space for those employees to work.

When it comes to space – the real estate needed to set up an office or a shop – some neighborhoods in the world are more costly than others. To find out which require the biggest investment, we looked to a recently published report from CBRE, a U.S.-based real estate firm that operates on a global scale and last year generated more than $13 billion in revenue.

For a look at CBRE’s list of the top-10 most expensive commercial real estate markets, check out our slideshow below, complete with cost per square-foot for each neighborhood.


Topping the list this year is Hong Kong’s central district. The beating heart of the very business-oriented city demands that those looking to set up and office or a retail shop pay an average $302.51 per square foot per year.