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Source: LinkedIn
By: Aldo Leporati

President Mauricio Macri forecasted that ruling coalition Cambiemos will win the legislative elections to be held in October in Argentina, before a full auditorium at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, after sharing a meeting and a luncheon with President Donald trump, at the White House. Most Argentinians understood that being isolated from the world so many years didn’t help; that populism wasn’t the way. Today we have 30% of poverty, asserted Macri. After, he said that Argentina started a new process”and added that changes are gradual”because he is not a magician”

Macri highlighted the world’s interest in Argentina: Within the next days I will travel to China and Japan. There is a meeting scheduled with Merkel in June. We must keep working. We have lowered inflation but it has to drop even more, we must reduce fiscal deficit. ”About the encounter he held with Donald trump in the White House, Macri qualified it as friendly and pointed out that the whole team (Trump’s) received us and we addressed many topics (and we were) ready to find solutions. There are many opportunities of integration; we must opt for a stronger relationship.”