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Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies

JOHN J. HAMRE: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all. I’m sorry we don’t have enough seats for everybody. We knew this was going to be popular. We had no idea it was going to be this popular, and we’re delighted that you’re all here. My name is John Hamre. I’m the president at CSIS.

When we have events like this, we give a little safety announcement in advance. I’m responsible for your safety, so follow my instructions. I’m going to take care of him first, but I’m going to come back for you. If we do have to evacuate, we’re going to use these exits right behind me. Stairs go down to the street. We’ll take two left turns. We’ll meet across the street at National Geographic. I’ll get ice cream and we’ll sing a song of praise for our salvation. (Laughter.) OK? We’ll be fine.

I do want to say thank you to President Macri. It’s wonderful of you to come. By the way, this is – this is an event that’s sponsored by five different think tanks in Washington. And I’m very glad that my colleagues are willing to let us host it here, but it is not just CSIS. And so the reason we asked Mack McLarty to be the official kind of welcome and host is that he transcends all think tanks in Washington. (Laughter.) And he is the guy who is going to lead us. So, Mack, let me turn to you and let’s get this started. Thank you, Mr. President.

THOMAS “MACK” MCLARTY III: Well, Dr. Hamre, thank you very much for making sure we’re safe and for a warm introduction. My association with CSIS always affords me to have the opportunity to benefit from the leadership and wisdom of John Hamre and the exemplary manner in which he conducts his affairs.

I think it is a joint event with both Brookings. Strobe Talbott and I have traveled the Pan-American Highway together. Strobe is a friend and a colleague, and someone I admire and respect greatly.

Michael Shifter is always very thoughtful and articulate and serious at the Inter-American Dialogue. And I’m privileged to a co-vice chair there.

And both Susan Segal and Jane Harman are here from their organizations, the Council of the Americas and Wilson Center, and many others.

So this is a – not only a distinguished group but, Mr. President, you have an overflow crowd here.



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