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Source: The Bubble
By: Kristine De Bever

So, it’s official. Buenos Aires is the place where you want to live. You realize that you will never find a country with better meat and have admitted that you may suffer separation anxiety from those delicious alfajores if you ever leave. But before you go bounding into the nearest real estate office, take note that apartment prices in the City have risen significantly over the first trimester of 2016.

The Statistics and Census Bureau of the City of Buenos Aires released a report last night named the “Dynamics of the Apartment Market.”

According to said document, a newly constructed two-room apartment (remember that in Argentina, “two rooms” refer to two spaces, or what would be called a “one-bedroom apartment” in the US) increased by 9 percent in dollars per square meter on average. Apartments increased most significantly in value in the neighborhoods of Villa Pueyrredón (by a whopping 20.4 percent), Villa Luro (13.7 percent), Villa Crespo (13.4 percent) and Almagro (10.3 percent), whereas prices actually fell in San Nicolás (by 2.9 percent) and Núñez (1 percent).