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Source: Buenos Aires Herald
By: Fermin Koop

US Chamber of Commerce in Argentina head Alejandro Díaz talks to the Herald:
Preparations are already underway for US President Barack Obama’s visit to Argentina on March 23 and 24 — with an advance team from the US government in the country since Wednesday.
Although the government has said it had no input on when Obama would visit the country, Alejandro Díaz, head of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham), said it isn’t a coincidence Obama will be here for the 40th anniversary of the military coup. Díaz said other options were put forward but they were discarded.
Díaz welcomed the Herald at AmCham headquarters in downtown Buenos Aires and said Obama will arrive in Argentina with his wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia. The US delegation could be made up of as many as 1,000 people, including business leaders who are expected to announce investments in the country.