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Bernard Esquenet

Fine Wine Advisor, Gaucho Holdings

Mr. Esquenet serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ruhof Corporation and the President of Chem-Clean Corporation, both of which are specialty chemical companies. He has served as Secretary of Leading Edge Packaging Inc. since January 1999, and is a Partner in BroadAsia LLC. Mr. Esquenet has been involved with these companies for several years, and has been involved in the manufacturing and international distribution of specialty chemicals for over 30 years. He also serves as a Member of the business advisory board of First of Long Island Corp. and The First National Bank of Long Island. He served as Director of Leading Edge Packaging Inc. since January 1999.  He was born and raised in Epernay, France, the heart of the French Champagne region, or as he personally likes to refer to as the ”Capital du Champagne”.