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Photo of Ignacio Goldin

Ignacio Goldin

Vice President of Operations, Argentina

Mr. Goldin is responsible for implementing sales and marketing strategies and brand positioning within the Argentine Provinces, and for managing Public and Media Relations for Algodon Wines in Argentina.  He is a professional Sommelier and Professor at the CAVE instituto de Sommelier, and he holds a Masters in Wine Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Goldin Participates on the Marketing Committee of Wineries of Argentina (Bodegas de Argentina “BDA”), an organization that nationally promotes the marketing and consumerism of Argentina produced wines.  As a member Bodegas de Argentina, he also contributes to efforts and initiatives of Wines of Argentina (WOFA), an organization that promotes the Argentine wine brand and image worldwide, and which works to position Argentina as one of the world’s leading wine exporting countries.  Mr. Goldin sits as a juror for Argentina Terroir Awards (ATA), which identifies and honors Argentina’s best terroirs and wines.