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Julian Beale


Mr. Beale has served on the Algodon Group Board of Directors since 1999. Since 1996, Mr. Beale has managed his own investments, which include listed "blue chip" shares, numerous speculative stocks, and real estate. After 14 years in engineering and after forming a plastics processing company that he built to employ more than 200 people, Mr. Beale has since the early 1970's been involved in consulting and investing. In 1977, he was part of a consortium that purchased what became the Moonie Oil Company, a resources corporation that had interests in petroleum production. In 1984, he entered Federal Parliament (Australia). During 11 years in politics, he held many Shadow Minister portfolios (i.e., cabinet level position with minority party). He has a B.E. degree from Sydney University, Australia and an MBA from Harvard University.