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Christine Barker

Environmental Practices & Sustainability Advisor, Algodon Group

Christine Barker is Principal and founder of Ecotekture Development and Design, a New York based company focused on sustainable development, design and eco-friendly building technologies and solutions that are efficient, effective and aesthetically pleasing. Ms. Barker has successfully developed residential projects in New York City, upstate NY and Canada. She focused on ‘green’ elements of design long before they were vogue, and her company evolved as a natural extension of her experience combing environmental science with building and design. In addition to Ecotekture’s consulting and design services, new residential and commercial sustainable development projects are planned in New York. Her career in Environmental Science began with positions in engineering consulting firms with diverse clients including GE, Con Edison, the US Department of Energy, Commonwealth Edison Chicago, and the City Of New York. Ms. Barker was a Senior Research Scientist at BASF (the world's leading chemical company) until 2002. During this fifteen year tenure in science, she built and managed a laboratory, managed and designed hundreds of diverse scientific studies in North America and Europe, and presented findings frequently to regulators in EU countries including England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Germany. Ms. Barker has a broad understanding of global environmental issues, regulations and solutions as a result of her vast experience managing a varied scope of projects with government, academia and industry. She completed a bachelor’s degree in biology at UWO in London, and a Master’s of Science in Ecotoxicology at Concordia University in Montreal.